Mini 10 Power rankings Divison 3

Division 3, as all lowest divisions do, presents a unique drafting challenge for managers. The difference between the lowest and average mmr of the division is much greater. The average of the division is 2679 with the lowest ranked player being 450 meaning that there is a large difference in the players you can get for a couple of coins compared to 0 if you mismanage your coins. In the division this time around we had 5 players going for half their managers coins with rbtm who is easily the best carry, or even overall player, in the division going for 85 coins and is currently sitting strong at a 24.75 kda.

Please note that within the middle tiers teams are incredibly close and I cannot rank them among each other.

Tier 3: The no hopers
The clear losers of the draft who I imagine to struggle at best.

Putting on the Nyx
Hamma, Codenamechicken, Friendlyguy, Konz, Ante

Another team with a 60+ coin midlaner. This team like Kimsphere’s sits at the bottom of its group, having lost both of its opening series but unlike its counterpart it hasn’t taken a game yet. Fred took a risk with this team picking up two unknown players that hadn’t appeared in rd2l in Konz and Ante. Ante is a player I look forward to seeing due to the fact that he is new and unranked and wonder how he will climb while playing. Due to Konz being a midlaner Hamma has been forced off of his normal position and is having to play carry which he may struggle with. They do however unlike some over teams in the division have an experienced offlaner in Codename who can help turn team fights that they might otherwise struggle with.

Kimsphere’s Collection of Unstable Individuals
Owl, Ruski, Van Daminator, MaGe and Bernard Humperdink

This team has so far had less than stellar results, losing their first series in a 2–0 drubbing with a role swap in the middle of it. During their second series they did take a game off of Bargs side but are still left at the bottom of their group. The team started off with a 60 bid on Owl and followed up with a 30 bid on Ruski who was the best 4 left over from the div 2 draft. Having 10 coins left so early in the draft meant that Nsphere could not contest other players he wanted and had to work with players more towards the middle and bottom of the pool. Due to this the team has the lowest average mmr (bar the unranked guy who’s unranked mmr is around 1.4k) and struggles with who plays what position. Trying to find positions and heroes that fit this team is what I believe may save them but that is to be seen.

Tier 2: The maybe Gamers
These middle of the road teams are very difficult for me to rank, their teams are close and they have mostly close game.

Poggers Loggers
Bleapo, Thronplunder, Pajazo, d3code, Kxavic

I had high hopes for this team with a core duo of Thron and Bleapo, both had been around a while and had put in okay performances in the previous seasons. D3code and Pajazo make for a not awful offlane which is all you can normally ask for in div 3. While they do currently sit next to bottom of their group they are definitely in the stronger group and have played two of what I consider to be the stronger sides and took a game off of one of them. If they can bounce back from these setbacks they could go far.

Dire Monkey Club
ManBearSlav, Lordniin, Officer Andres, Boxer, themassiveginger

Rinku when drafting his team took a much different approach to everyone else. Instead of bidding on a star player early he managed to pick up 3 low legends and ginger who is known to play above his mmr at times. With all this he managed to grab Boxer who is stronger than his mmr suggests. This team has clear roles and everyone plays them well. They are sitting in the middle of their group with a win and a 2–1 loss under their belts and have a decent chance of making upper bracket.

Thicc Mommy Fan Club
Fy, Revenger, ROYAL, KriShelby, Dom

I was unsure on how this team would work out originally due to Fy and Revenger both being carry mains. They do however seem to have adjusted nicely with Fy having started practising mid lane. Every other part of their team seems to have slotted into place. Assuming they can keep their form they stand a chance of going far. While their offlane duo seems to be lacking in mmr they are constantly their for teamfights setting up big kills. Other than trying new heroes in officials being a bad idea I don’t see much going wrong with this stack.

Tier 1: Finalist hopefuls
These couple of teams are teams that should make the final and I would be surprised to drop out early

Nappa Fan Club
DmWp, Alex1nat0r, I’mhotep, NawghtyPanda, Synecdocheta

Dmwp is not a player that should be underestimated in this division, he outclasses mot of the midlaners in the division and is experienced at using that lead. I’mhotep struggled last mini due to not playing much offlane but seems to have improved for this season. Other than that the team seems to just know how to play their roles and none of them are below 2.7k mmr which means their lowest mmr player is only 100 below the average. They have no right touching the lower bracket till after second playoff playday

Midas Builders Club
Fr0yo, Ezz, Physix, Shadowolf, Kat

This team sits at the top of group B but its been hard fought for having dropped a game into both DMC and TMFC. Having the two highest mmr players in the division makes it hard for me to rate them lowly. They seem to prioritise teamfight heroes and I seldom find their drafts lacking. There are those who consider emalina/ezz to be a boosted player but he so far is not performing too badly and as long as he continues to play well his season should go rather well.

Tier 0: The expected champs

Hog Squeezers
RBTM, Panda, Modiboa, DuckyMcDuckDuck, JayT

Serious question, who the fuck let RBTM into div 3, dudes a god at almost 25kda. Even if he wasn’t quite so strong he has a somewhat competent mid laner to back him up. Panda while at times hot headed, maldy or even at times a downright feeder is one of the better mids in the division and going for so few coins again is a steal. Both of their series have been 2–0 drubbings with NYX even giving him his PL. The team as a whole doesn’t seem to have any issues as their low mmr is on his main role so shouldn’t have issues around adjusting. Having such a strong core duo make me feel like its incredibly unlikely for them not to at least make the final.